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SuperNatural Media is a Christian organization that professionally and thoroughly investigates any paranormal and/or supernatural anomalies using a scientific approach making evidence available to the public for the pursuit of truth. SuperNatural Media does not charge for investigations, and recognize that people may need help understanding and/or coping with their own paranormal experiences, and welcome your requests.

Just about every channel on TV these days features some kind of Ghost hunting group each with their own unique approach to the investigation of supernatural phenomenon. TV shows you the exiting world and makes it glamorous, as it should, that's why it's called entertainment. The reality of the matter is that supernatural investigation work is tedious and yields an extremely low return of 'exciting evidence'. Although walking around in the dark with friends and taking snap shots of dusty rooms can be fun. It can also be boring, and at times it can even be dangerous. At SuperNatural Media we are followers of Christ and we investigate any paranormal and/or supernatural anomalies using a scientific approach hence our brand Supernatural Anomaly Investigations (SuperNatural Media). Everything from ghosts to miracles and everything in between.

Traditionally science tells us that there is nothing supernatural at all, and that everything is simply a result or random chance or natural causes. Yet since humans began to write they have recorded countless 'so called' supernatural events, which defy scientific understanding to date. HOWEVER, today, the scientific methods and tools can help us find the truth of these matters. Our goal at SuperNatural Media is to better understand supernatural /paranormal phenomenon utilizing a scientific approach. HMMM Science and the supernatural, this is going to be a challenge.

We are interested in learning as much as we can about the aspects of life that so many have experienced throughout history and that so many not believe even in. We also understand that a person's world view or core beliefs will affect their interpretation of facts presents to them. It is unavoidable, yet completely natural and acceptable. However having an open mind to the facts, the many possible interpretations and having the courage to 'face them' is a part of maturity. For example: If at some point we find out that the scientific method has its limitations [as some claim] and cannot help us understand a specific phenomenon then we must be willing to accept that fact [if proven] and take actions to get us to the final destination. This destination is simply to understand the truth of the matter at hand. In this case science world take us to a point in that understanding but something else [dare I say, fringe science or quantum physics] may take us into a deeper understanding (that takes courage).

So as a result of the core value 'to openly pursue truth', at SuperNatural Media, we invite you to participate in this journey, not as a view but as a participant. SuperNatural Media makes evidence available to our hosts if requested. However , over and beyond that, the materials from investigations have input options and comments available which are viewable to the public through our web site, Facebook and on YouTube. This helps us and others to take into perspective a wide variety of views and potential interpretations of the evidence gathered. We will do our part in presenting the facts which may not be inherently known or observable. For example: If you are looking at a photo it would help to know the who, what, when and where facts and anything that may not be obviously seen in the photo but could seriously affect its interpretation. If we showed you a photo of a room with the moon light and stars shining in through a window you would naturally assume the photo was taken during the night. However if we told you that we took this photo at 12:00 noon and that the room was claimed to be supernaturally stuck in time that changes everything. You need the objective factors outside the photo in order to assist in its interpretation. It is our responsibility to provide those facts to the best of our ability. We are not in this for entertainment so the facts we present are the facts and not embellishments, exaggerations or intentionally misleading.

Our priority when we perform any investigation is to be professional and thorough. As a result it may take a very long time to review evidence and present it to the public. It also means that un- professional comments, activities and the like will be deleted from the various web sites. Again the goal is to understand and grow using respectable methods. Not that we will not entertain some good wholesome fun, but there is a difference between professionalism, constructive criticism, objective correction and negative, demining attacks, or even negative retorts against another viewers sincere point of view. This serves only to disturb the process rather than encourage it. None of us, you included, knows everything and mistakes can be and will be made, ah the humanity. People can make ambiguous statements or misguided comments which are all, naturally expected, and are a part of the process.

SuperNatural Media does not charge for investigations. Though our drive is to better understand paranormal activity we also know that people may need help, and we all agree, we will do whatever we can in those cases. Sometimes a situation can be explained by factors in the environment that if changed will remedy the situation all together. On the other hand, sadly, the situation may even be a physical or mental illness being interpreted as something more or less than it really is. It's a touchy subject but as a team we will help in whatever capacity we can whether directly or indirectly. We also know that there are folks that are seeking attention and/or fame in any way they can get it. We hope to expose that so others will not be fooled. We also understand that there are locations which have been deemed 'haunted' and may be completely happy or content with that and may even charge to have investigations performed.

At SuperNatural Media we honor and respect the owner's wishes in those cases as well.

Shawn Taylor (Co-Founder, SNM)
Dan Morgan (Co-Founder, SNM)

Meet The Team

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